Project Area

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Commissioner DIKhan Division Abdul Ghafoor Baig inspecting different developmental schemes of KP-SADP in DIKhan along with project staff.
KP-SADP arranged One Day Awareness Seminar & Youth Internship Program Certificates Distribution Ceremony at D.I.Khan
KP-SADP is working in the three southern districts o KP Province i.e. DIKhan, Tank & Lakki Marwat since 2013. The project has initiated and completed different interventions in different sectors.
In order to provide a bird’s eye view of the project and give comprehensive orientation regarding initiatives taken by the project, an Awareness Seminar was arranged at DIKhan. The event was clubbed with Certificates Distributions among those internees who have completed training under project’s Youth Internship Program 2017. Elected public representatives, divisional and district administration officers, notables from different CBOs of the project and media persons (print & electronic) participated in the seminar.
Commissioner DIKhan Division Abdul Ghafoor Baig was the chief guest. Federal Ombudsman Abdul Karim Qasuria, Deputy Commissioner DIKhan, Assistant Commissioner DIKhan and other dignitaries attended the seminar.
Deputy Commissioner Barkatullah Khan Marwat and Project Director KP-SADP Ghulam Habib visited along with local elders & elected representatives the proposed site for construction of irrigation band near village Peerwana UC Shah Alam. The Band, if constructed, can bring agricultural revolution & socio-economic uplift for the area as it can irrigate at least 30 thousand Acre of barren land.
All Pakistan KP-SADP Football Tournament held at Ghazni Khel area of District Lakki Marwat. Total 40 football teams from all over Pakistan participated in the tournament. Senior Minister KPK Inayatullah Khan was Chief Guest in the final match whereas Project Director KP-SADP Ghulam Habib and Senior Politician of the area Humayun Saifullah Khan were also present on the occasion. Young Bannu team grabbed the trophy by beating Shaheen Club Tank on penalty kicks. Chief Guest and other speakers on this occasion lauded KP-SADP efforts for the promotion of sports activities in this backward area of the province.
Project Director KP-SADP, Ghulam Habib visiting various developmental schemes of Street Pavement & Drainage, Water Channel Linings and reviewing the progress of work started in different union councils at district DIKhan. The PD directed the staff to ensure timely completion of schemes and also keep their eyes on quality of work. People of the area thanked the Project Director KP-SADP for awarding developmental schemes to their neglected areas.