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Mr. Ghulam Habib, Project Director Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Southern Area Development Project (KP-SADP) Pakistan receiving the Country Winner Award (South Asian Procurement Innovative Award-SAPIA) from Ms. Elmas Arisoy, World Bank South Asia Procurement Manager.
Commissioner DIKhan Division Abdul Ghafoor Baig inspecting different developmental schemes of KP-SADP in DIKhan along with project staff.
All Pakistan KP-SADP Football Tournament held at Ghazni Khel area of District Lakki Marwat. Total 40 football teams from all over Pakistan participated in the tournament. Senior Minister KPK Inayatullah Khan was Chief Guest in the final match whereas Project Director KP-SADP Ghulam Habib and Senior Politician of the area Humayun Saifullah Khan were also present on the occasion. Young Bannu team grabbed the trophy by beating Shaheen Club Tank on penalty kicks. Chief Guest and other speakers on this occasion lauded KP-SADP efforts for the promotion of sports activities in this backward area of the province.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Southern Area Development Project (KP-SADP) has established ‘One Solution Prefabricated Smart School’ at Dawlat Tajazai, district Lakki Marwat. The six-container classrooms outfit, is web-enabled, air-conditioned, solar system and multimedia with six projectors, internet facility, bio-matric attendance system, six laptops per classroom, student’s recreational area and even four toilets. Around 170 girls’ students of nearby villages will take benefit from this innovative education facility where each class has 28 students’ capacity.
This community outreach initiative by KP-SADP could help the government to provide high quality smart education at even the remote areas in the province.
SADP launch computerized complaints system to redress community grievances
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Southern Area Development Project (KP-SADP) has launched computerized complaint recording system to redress community grievances. Prompt action will be taken to redress public complaints under this system.
At initial stage the Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) system which is computerized complaint recording format has been started in the three southern districts of the province (D.I.Khan, Tank and Lakki Marwat) to make the developmental process more transparent and clear and redress the community complaints. It is further stated that in this IVR system, people of the concerned three districts can register their complaints on a free toll telephone number 0800-222-00. The complaints will be processed on a computerized database and quick action will be taken to solve the public concerns towards the project. The community people can also submit their suggestions through this system for the better results of developmental activities.
KP-Southern Area Development Project is a multifaceted developmental initiative of the Provincial Government for the recovery, rehabilitation and quick uplift of the three least developed and crisis hit Districts of Southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa i.e. D.I. Khan, Tank and Lakki-Marwat.
The Project main objective is to strengthen the capacity of the targeted communities and to improve their livelihood options by providing them opportunities and access to social and productive infrastructure through their active involvement.