Tank was an old Tehsil of district DI Khan,and was upgraded to a full-fledged district on 1st July 1992.Since long it has commanded a very important position amongst the southern districts belt of KP,in general and in ex-DI Khan division in particular,due to its strategic location,trade and commerce which flow from tribal areas and Afganistan.

The district is dominated by Bhittani and Mahsud tribes ant topography is partly plain and partly hilly.The road linking Quetta with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa originates from Tank via Wana and Zohb.Total area of the tank district is 1679 sq km.with population density of 217 persons per sq km.The total population of Tank district is 364,863 in 2011-12.Agricuture and trade are the main sources of livelihood of the rural population.The total cultivated area in Tank district is 24,445 hectares.